Rocket League Announced for PS4

I’ve mentioned before that Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars for the PS3 was one of the surprise PSN hits for my family.  It’s certainly one of the games that got the most hours last generation.  In essence, it was soccer played with RC cars that could jump, boost and blow each other up.

Well, I’m ecstatic to announce that a sequel is coming to PS4 next year.  It’s called Rocket League.

It’s coming Spring 2015.  Day 1 buy for me.

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Instant Update: PSN Flash Sale

PSN Flash SaleSony is having a Black Friday Flash Sale on PS4/PS3 games.  Here’s the link.  I’d like to point out three that I had fun with:

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4/PS3):  $29.99

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Edition (PS4/PS3): $34.99/$19.99

Infamous: Second Son (PS4): $19.99

I got more than my money’s worth out of all three, and I paid more that those prices.  Highly recommended. Sale ends Dec 1 at 3 PST.

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Instant Update: Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor (PC)

mordor600x290-20140122In short, I can’t stop playing.  Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a fun, compelling game.  It thrusts you behind enemy lines with a wicked skill set that just keeps growing.  You constantly get more deadly.  While few of the parts are shiny and new, they’re put together masterfully.  I grabbed the PC version because I could get it cheaper and wasn’t sure about the game.  If anyone else is sitting on the fence, grab it for your favorite platform.  I’ll write more later, but now I have to get back to the game.

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Technical Difficulties Part 2

I thought I had my problems solved earlier, but some new ones popped up.  I think I’ve gotten a handle on things now.  Essentially, I’ve reinstalled the latest version of WordPress.  Again, let me know if you experience any problems.  Thanks for your patience.

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Instant Update: Injustice Gods Among Us

Superman_940x375newsWelcomeI picked up Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS4) on a PSN sale recently.  I’m definitely more in the Capcom/Street Fighter camp than the Mortal Kombat camp, but I’ve enjoyed them as a diversion.  I also enjoy superhero games.  There are far too few good ones. I haven’t had much time to play, but I did manage to get through the tutorials and the story mode.  The PS4 version is the complete edition with the expanded roster.  They don’t show up in story mode.

The tutorials are pretty good, but I had trouble mastering the timing of some of the advanced combos.  The story mode was surprisingly compelling.  I literally kept playing just to see what happens next.  They even managed to make Aquaman compelling and fun to play.  Yes, the difference in power levels is sort of brushed away with krytonian power dust.  That doesn’t take away from the fun.  It also allows DC to put forward their most interesting roster.

The arc of the story may be a simple examination of what heroes need to do to be worthy of the power they wield, but it’s put together like a well oiled machine.  This is classic DC superhero mash up storytelling at its best with full bombast. There’s plenty more to the game including online and local multiplayer, STAR labs challenges and an arcade mode and ending for each character.  It speaks volumes that I feel I got my money’s worth with just the story mode.  With Arrow and Flash coming up along with Agents of SHIELD and a whole summer of heroic movies, Injustice fits in nicely.  Recommended.

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Instant Update: Super Hexagon

suphexlogoI still suck at this game.  I just don’t see the path fast enough and reactions can’t compensate any more.  At least I only waste a few seconds per try.  I think I’ll go back to Threes.

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Technical Difficulties

I apologize if you’ve had any problems with the site lately. There have been a few technical problems with the site I’ve had to fix. WordPress has been so reliable that I sometimes forget all the times I had to fight with the old content management system. It’s almost shocking when it does have problems I have to fix. I think I’ve got everything running normally again. Let me know if you experience any problems going forward. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Gamers are Different

DreamingI’ve been meaning to post this for a while.  Video games change the way you dream.  One of the things I’ve love about games is the way they encourage flexible thinking.  I’m also a fan of increased agency in dreams, games and real life.  Future games should give us more freedom to choose our own path and solutions to problems.  In dreams and life, we’ll be more successful if we see ourselves as the hero instead of the victim.  It’s also cool that scientists are even looking into this.  Thanks to the Verge.  They consistently have some of the most interesting content on the web.

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Newsblurb: Frozen Endzone is now Frozen Cortex

FrozenEndzone_Punch2Call it Frozen Cortex.  Apparently the developers were tired of the ‘Frendzone’ jokes and the confusion about the game simulating American Football.  The robot players and randomly generated field weren’t enough to distinguish it from Madden.  Or maybe the NFL isn’t as universal as we Americans like to think it is.  Regardless, anything from the makers of Frozen Synapse is worth a look.  The game is in early access on steam right now.  Thanks RockPaperShotgun.

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Ah, Microsoft

xb1UPDATEMicrosoft has reversed itself again.  Tables will now import, but launch has been delayed to implement this.  Another win for gamers, but another unnecessary PR body blow for Microsoft. The original post follows:

Microsoft came off a pretty good E3.  Many were wondering if they’ve turned the corner.  I may be wrong, but this looks like part of the answer.  I think I’ve mentioned my love of video pinball.  Well, Zen Studios is finally releasing a new version of Pinball FX2 for the Xbox One.  It looks to be nearly identical to the PS4 version.  However, Microsoft will not allow importing of any tables from you Xbox 360 collection.  It was precisely this sort of bureaucratic, customer unfriendly business decision that turned gamers off in the first place.   What reason do I have to move my pinball gaming to the Xbox One?  None.  And I started out playing Zen’s version of pinball with the original Pinball FX on the 360.  Good job boys.

On a slightly more positive note, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Walking Dead pinball tables are coming soon and looking good.

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