Steam New Releases

steamThis used to be a dead time of the year for game releases.  We’d have a couple that just missed the Christmas window releasing in January and then nothing until the end of the first quarter.

Medieval Engineers — Early Access — From the Space Engineers company only more grounded.  It’s sounds like it’s still in a raw state, but if you’re interested in helping to shape the game, it’s 25% off for launch.

Frozen Cortex — I mentioned this one, and it’s a full release.  It’s from the Frozen Synapse team and brings you the sport of the future.  It’s not American Football (really).

Total War: ATTILA — I’m not sure why Attila must be all caps, but you can guess it’s about the fall of the Roman Empire from Creative Assembly.  Hopefully a bit less buggy this time.

Offworld Trading Company — Early Access — Soren Johnson made Civ IV.  He gets a lot of leeway from me.  It’s like the classic trading empire games only it’s set on Mars.

Sunless Sea — The tag line is: Lose your mind.  Eat your crew. Die. It’s a Victorian, Fallen London, Lovecraftian, steam ship, trading and exploration game.

Deathtrap — Neocore takes the Tower Defense section from Van Helsing and spins it off into its own game.  It also has a strong Coop component.

Darkest Dungeon — Early Access — It’s a gothic roguelike RPG that has a strong Lovecraft influence.  It’s hard to succeed when your party is going insane.

Grey Goo — What? An actual RTS release that’s not Tower Defense or from Blizzard?  It’s true.  There are three factions that play decidedly differently.  It’s also a bit more focused on the big strategic picture than on micro.  Of course, I’m a sucker for Petroglyph games.

There were also a bunch of HD remakes released that I’ll pick up someday  They include Farhenheit, HOMM III, Seven Kingdoms II, and Grim Fandango.  I guess it’s a great time to be a gamer.  I just wish I had more time to play.

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