Ah, Microsoft

xb1UPDATEMicrosoft has reversed itself again.  Tables will now import, but launch has been delayed to implement this.  Another win for gamers, but another unnecessary PR body blow for Microsoft. The original post follows:

Microsoft came off a pretty good E3.  Many were wondering if they’ve turned the corner.  I may be wrong, but this looks like part of the answer.  I think I’ve mentioned my love of video pinball.  Well, Zen Studios is finally releasing a new version of Pinball FX2 for the Xbox One.  It looks to be nearly identical to the PS4 version.  However, Microsoft will not allow importing of any tables from you Xbox 360 collection.  It was precisely this sort of bureaucratic, customer unfriendly business decision that turned gamers off in the first place.   What reason do I have to move my pinball gaming to the Xbox One?  None.  And I started out playing Zen’s version of pinball with the original Pinball FX on the 360.  Good job boys.

On a slightly more positive note, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Walking Dead pinball tables are coming soon and looking good.

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