5000 Miles

Small 5000 milesI may be a kind of old, kind of fat gamer, but I do try to look after my health.  Since my taste in food is pretty unhealthy, I tend to focus on exercise (and portion control).   Mostly, I run, ride my bike and lift weights.  I sometimes swim when my shoulder holds together.  I also try to help my kids practice whatever sport they’re playing at the time.  I just hit a milestone on my bike that I wanted to share.  I just passed 5,000 miles on my bike.  For some people that might not be a lot, for me, riding on weekends and free days, it’s an accomplishment I’m pretty proud of.

How far is 5,000 miles?  Well, I live near Houston.  I looked it up on this nifty page.  Madrid, Spain, Casablanca, Morocco and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are all around 5,000 miles from Houston.  With my next ride, I zipped past Paris, France.  I’m not much of a fitness role model, but I do know this:  find exercises you enjoy and stick with them.  Perhaps I’ll see you when I hit Switzerland.  I’m not looking forward to the mountains.

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