Email not Sending

MS-Outlook-2007All of a sudden a few weeks ago, my email stopped sending.  It wasn’t on all of my accounts or devices.  I could receive email, but I couldn’t send it.  Eventually I figured I could send from my phone and webmail for my email and gmail.  So it had to be the way my local accounts were configured. The problem was that I hadn’t changed anything.  It turns out that my internet provider had changed something.  They had started blocking port 25.  This made sense since a lot of spam and other automatically generated messages use that port.  However, they just updated their email FAQ without sending any notice of the change.  Thanks for the heads up guys.

It turns out the reason that only some of my accounts didn’t work was that newer accounts automatically set up shop on port 587.  The older accounts that I had imported from my last computer were the ones configured on port 25.  So I changed all my accounts to use port 587.  Then once I knew what I was looking for, I found the updated FAQ on the Comcast support website.  Of course, reading that I found out that Comcast recommends the use of port 465 with SSL.  I’ll get around to that sometime guys.   Anyway, if you’re troubleshooting email send problems, this might help.

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