Hack Attack

Update: Apple has suspended phone password resets for the time being. Amazon and Google are emphasizing security in the same article. I guess words do matter.

Original Post:

I’ve had the site hacked a few times over the years. It’s always painful and frustrating. That’s part of the reason sections of the site are locked down. I’m sure a determined hacker could still get in, but the casual roaming hack bots of destruction will usually move on to easier targets. I’ve learned the dangers of being on the web since I started this site years ago. That’s why I’m a bit nervous about cloud computing.

On the one hand, I can see all the glittering towers it promises. As a gamer, I like saves that move with me from device to device seamlessly. I like the idea of restoring my phone or tablet with a simple login or two. Then something like this come along. This poor guy, a seasoned tech writer, had his digital life wiped because (allegedly) someone liked his twitter handle.

I’ve lost hard drives, so I try to back up my data. I even try to keep some at a remote location. Still, I wouldn’t want to go through that. I wish him the best and a quick, smooth recovery.

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