Planetary Annihilation

It’s no secret that I love strategy games. I even enjoy the ones I’m not that good at. I may eventually slow down enough that I have to retreat to only turn based strategy, but for now, I still enjoy a good RTS. Unfortunately, there haven’t been many releases in the genre lately. Sure, there was Starcraft II. And you’re doing fine if you want a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) like Defense of the Ancients 2. And I can’t forget tower defense games. I’ve played some great ones, but when I think of RTS, I tend associate games like my first RTS, Dune II. So Command and Conquer is going free to play online. Somehow, I don’t think that will lead to great single player campaigns or coop comp stomps. Did I mention that I’m not the greatest RTS player online?

So if someone is going to offer me a chance to get a game with battles spanning an entire solar system, who am I to say no? Planetary Annihilation is the new kickstarter from Uber Entertainment. Yes, it’s clearly related to Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. That’s a good thing since we’ve got two more expansion to go for Starcraft II. Who doesn’t want to smash giant asteroids into your opponents main base? Check out the video and see if you think I’m being a sucker for backing it. They’ve got 22 days left and have passed two thirds of their goal.

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