Windows 10 Creator’s Update

For some reason, I thought the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update was already out.  Perhaps it was because my laptop updated to it.  Anyway, I downloaded the Windows 10 upgrade assistant tool.  It took longer than expected but seem to finish without difficulty.

However, I noticed two unexpected problems.  First, my sound output default changed.  That was easily fixed by right clicking on the speaker in the hidden icons area.  Then I selected audio devices, clicked on my speakers and pushed the set as default button.

Second, my wireless gamepad wasn’t working.  It turns out the update recertified all the device drivers and disabled anything it didn’t 100% recognize.   It turns out that the update had disabled my Xbox 360 wireless game controller and my Bluetooth USB adapter.  That’s not too hard to fix either.  Right click on the start button and select device manager.  Look for any warning symbols.  Right click on the disabled device and select update driver.  For the Bluetooth, I was able to let it search for the correct driver.  Boom, fixed. For the game controller I had to select browse my computer for driver software, then select let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer.  There was the gaming adapter.  It did whine because my adapter is a knock off I picked up cheap after my official Microsoft one died.  The driver works just fine.

Anyway, it’s something to check if you notice any weirdness after installing the Fall Creator’s Update.  Happy creating.

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