The GOG List: Independence War Deluxe

Bridge_ConceptThe GOG List is part of my plan to keep a regular update schedule.  I’m going to be going through my game libraries.  With GOG, I’ll be explaining why I purchased these ‘old games.’  After all, it’s easy to understand buying the new shiny games, but why buy something old?  The simple answer is that they’re still great games.  Some of them I want my kids to be able to play to see what it was like in the old days.

Why Independence War?  I’ve mentioned my love of space sims going back to Star Raiders.  Most of those had you jumping in the cockpit of a small fighter.  The B-Wing expansion for X-Wing was surprisingly fun as a heavy fighter.  Freespace and its sequel made great use of capital ships making you feel like you were in the middle of an epic battle.  But you never commanded those big ships.  Independence War put you at the helm of a dreadnaught class corvette.  I won’t dwell on that incongruity.  I eventually played and enjoyed IWar 2.  I wanted to go back and try the original.

Nexus, Star Trek: Bridge Commander and the upcoming Dreadnaught offer similar big ship experiences.  Independence War paved the way.  Let me know if there are other big ship games you enjoyed.  Even if you want to go far afield with something like Dropship or some of the WWII battleship games, I enjoy the recommendations.

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