What is real, Snuffleupagus?

My daughter was watching Sesame Street. I suppose it’s good with its computer graphics and parodies of recent pop music hits.  Sometimes it makes me feel old.  I remember when Mr. Hooper ran Hooper’s Store.  I remember when the Twittlebugs were just a composite shot to establish their size.  I remember Super Grover before version 2.0.  I remember when Kermit the frog reported live from Sesame Street.  Mostly though, I remember Mr. Suffleapagus.  I remember when everyone thought he was Big Bird’s imaginary friend.  None of the adults ever saw him.  It was like our own secret club that knew Snuffy was real.  Yep, sometimes it makes me feel old.



Image from James Hance.  Buy some of his stuff. He’s a pretty cool guy.

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