Game of the Week: Super Hexagon

superhexagonSuper Hexagon is a strange game.  You die.  You die over and over again.  You actually fall into a rhythm of dying.  It’s not about succeeding.  It’s about surviving as long as you can.  The only controls are your left and right buttons.  Think of it like Pacman only you’re chased by the maze itself instead of ghosts.

You’re just a little triangular ship trying to avoid being crushed by the walls closing in on you.  The problem is the screen is rotating while you rotate your ship to avoid the hazards.  The colors change along with the wall thickness as you go.  The whole screen pulsing to the beat of the music.  Sometimes you even invert light and dark.  It’s like everything is working to distract you from your seemingly simple task.

That’s not what happens though.  You sort of get sucked into the vortex of the game and enter a focused mode of thought.  When you hit that groove where each move is perfect and also hits on the beat, it’s pure gaming distilled.  Then you die.  Successful games are measured in seconds. Feel you’re getting too good, go to the faster, crazier mode.  That’s also a good idea if you’re stuck on making progress.  You get used to moving a little faster and the original game slows down a bit.

It doesn’t hurt that the female voice starting and ending your game (as well as noting progress) is quite pleasant.  You always have your high score to chase.  It’s not a game where you’re going to lose yourself for hours at a time.  Got 5-15 minutes to kill.  Perfect game.  Recommended.

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