Game of the Week: Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a gdoodle100ame so simple it could be easy to overlook.  Still, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.  I suppose you could classify it as an endless runner only vertical.  Your only job (usually) is to get as high as you can.  Of course, that’s like saying that a pinball table is all about scoring as many points as you can.

In base mode, you play a little multilegged doodle character.  You jump up a fixed amount, and each time you land on a platform, you jump again.  So jump up and land on a higher platform, rinse and repeat.  There are a few twists.  Platforms are randomly placed above you and reduce in frequency as you go higher.  Any time you fall off the bottom of the screen it’s game over.  Also semi-randomly placed are power ups.  These range from simple springs and trampolines to high powered rocket packs.  Along the way you’ll encounter some enemies that can either be defeated or avoided. Like I said, simple.

What’s really great about the game is that it’s quick to play and fun each time.  So it’s a great mobile game.  It’s also great for kids since it rewards concentration.  Lima Sky has added new themes to the game.  Some are simple palette swaps while others play around with the basic rules of the game.  It’s a game my kids and I can play together and have fun.  What more needs be said?  Recommended.

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