Welcome to Now

If you were stopping by the old site, I’m sure you noticed that I flipped the switch to make the blog the main site. It was time for some housekeeping. This and the twitter feed are the only parts that will be updated in the near future. Let me explain why.

First, I have limited time to work on the site. I want to keep writing about games, but I have to do some reading and gaming to stay current. I love my three kids and spend a lot of time with them. They do some gaming, but most of it probably isn’t of interest to most older gamers. Do let me know if you want to hear more about Tangled spelling challenges on the Leapster Explorer. So I’m not going to be writing as much as before, but I will try to make some regular updates.

Next, I liked postnuke (now known as zikula). However, I kept getting errors and failures trying to update the news site to more recent versions. I’m sure if I had time, I could get it working, but after a couple of years and decreasing attempts, I’ve admitted that it’s not going to happen. The blog here is WordPress. It does nice things like letting me update automatically. I’m sure there will still be security issues, but this set up is easier to use than the HTML and postnuke/BBS mash up I was using before. There are also nice features I can add if I get ambitious.

I’m sure nobody noticed this next one, but the Talk Strategy Wiki is dead. It was completely taken over by spam. There was really no way save it. I could start it over, but I don’t have the time or inclination to police it. And to all the Seach Engine Optimization companies that helped ruin the wiki, shame on you. Malicious bots and questionable product sales, I expect, but SEO’s know better. I feel somewhat better knowing that all those links you planted are gone.

The old HTML site is still around. You can find it Here. I’m sure most of the links are broken by the move, but if you replace WWW with OLD in the link it should work. I’ll probably try to fix the front page links sometime, but probably not anything beyond that. Once Google crawls the changes, I’m sure you’ll be able to find anything you might want from it.

The news site is still up and works. I had to lock down the bulletin board due to spam and bots. I probably won’t be updating it much, if at all. If that changes, I’ll let you know.

Finally, I do miss the interaction and stories from the site. So if you have any stories in your backlog, send them my way. I can post them here. I’m just itching to start a games stories category. Do let me know what you like or don’t like about this layout. Also, any feedback on the mobile version of the site would help as well.

More to come as it happens and as I have time.



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